About Twisted Anatomy

Judith Marsden is a CHEK Institute Level 4 Practitioner, a CHEK Love Four Mastery Coach and Level 3 Holistic Lifestyle Coach. She is an Advanced Metabolic Typing Advisor a Functional Diagnostic Practitioner and Yoga Instructor.

Judith believes that health is a matter of balance which must include respect of four innately recognized personal Doctors:

- Dr. Happy - Are you living your dream? Is there joy in your life?

- Dr. Quiet - Are you respecting your needs for sufficient quiet time?

- Dr. Diet - Is your nutrition personal to your needs?

Dr. Movement - Does your exercise program include corrective exercise and functional movement?

Using these four Doctors, Twisted Anatomy helps the client achieve their optimal health and wellness by blending these fundamental elements into a holistic lifestyle.

Fitness Professional Judith Marsden has been involved in the health and fitness industry for over 30 years.

Originally from Leeds in the UK Judith moved to Bermuda in 1992.

Judith currently offers her clients the opportunity to reach their health potential through her Holistic Health Practitioner Coaching Programs.

For more information please contact Judith at: ju@transact.bm