Fungal Fight

Probiotics are a supplement that if used appropriately can be a great way to enhance our health.

Probiotics contain friendly bacteria and assist in helping to re-colonizing the gut.

They’re particularly useful to take after any surgery or antibiotic use.

But aside from needing the good bacteria in our digestive tract we also need yeast.

In fact we need a combination of a lot of different species of bacteria and yeasts in our digestive systems so that the absorption and assimilation of our nutrition can be made optimal.

Yeast however isn’t always so friendly.

This tiny opportunistic organism if not kept in check but allowed to propagate can take root and push all other helpful bugs out of the way, which ultimately results in a myriad of health complaints including (but not limited to):

Nail fungus, dandruff, jock-itch, recurring vaginal yeast infections, itchy skin, scalp, ears, eyes, nose or anus, sugar, vinegar, baked goods or alcohol cravings, unpredictable bowel movements, moodiness, aching joints, unexplained tiredness, disturbed sleep (between 2am & 4am), inability to lose weight, gas, bloat....

All day long we’re being exposed to yeast, it’s all around us – it’s on our skin and in the foods we eat. In fact it’s near impossible to get away from, especially living in a hot and humid climate such as Bermuda.

But that doesn't mean we have to suffer. There are ways to keep this fiend in check and one sure way to get on top of any fungal infection is to sign up for the Twisted Anatomy Fungal Fight.

The Fungal Fight program is designed to teach you how to:

  • clean out any over-propagation of yeast
  •  provide the opportunity for gut healing
  • prevent re-infection

The Fungal Fight program is a progressive 60-day lifestyle challenge and includes:

  • a workbook
  • meal plan
  • anti-fungal protocol (supplements)
  • five group meetings for support, motivation and education

Fungal Fight Testimonials

Here's what Amanda has to say about the Fungal Fight program:

"I would like to provide my feedback about my participation in the Fungal Fight program - it's been a great program for me. I've noticed the following":

  • higher energy level
  • I have lost around 15 pounds and can fit into clothes which didn't fit before
  • clear head as though a veil lifted off my brain enabling me to function more sharply and achieve more
  • no longer feel sleepy in the afternoons, even weekends when I could in theory have a nap (and usually would)
  • no migraines at all
  • clear skin , rosacea flush has gone
  • I am sleeping better

Here's what Josh has to say about the Fungal Fight program:

"I know what you’re thinking. You’ve looked at this program and thought, come on, is she serious? There is no way I can cut all these things out of my diet.

How am I supposed to go without wheat and dairy? How do I avoid alcohol and attend a client dinner?

And seriously, hamburgers for breakfast, who has time for that?

Like I said, I know what you’re thinking, I’ve been there, and come out the other side.

And let me tell you, I’m healthier and happier for the experience. Whether it’s weight loss, a skin condition, or a general desire to better understand your body and how it reacts to what you put into it, there is no better approach than this one.

If you do one thing today have a real look at this plan, and ask yourself, what have I got to lose?"

Here's what Julie has to say about the Fungal Fight program:

"Amongst the group, I was probably the one most in need of this program. I was a sugar and bread junkie and my body was begging me to do something about it".

"I desperately wanted to rid myself of my sugar cravings. I anticipated this would be a huge and difficult challenge and I didn’t believe I would feel THAT MUCH better at the end, as promised"!

"I amazed myself how well I did cope. It actually wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. The group sessions were worth attending and Judith was very helpful with her knowledge and information.  I lost about 9lbs and a month later I'm still feeling great. It's actually TRUE, - my arthritis did improve, I’m not in pain and each day (I eat correctly) I feel really good, as promised.  Despite Christmas being right after we finished I’m still OK and each day I’m surprised that I'm still improving".

"I really recommend doing the Fungal Fight program"!

Here's what Christine has to say about the Fungal Fight program:

"I am so happy and so pleased to report that I finished the program 15 pounds lighter than when I started and dropped two dress sizes. Thank you for putting on the program it really has made a difference and I feel back in control and on track."

Here's what Alex has to say about the Fungal Fight program:

"I lost 30 pounds, my Gout has cleared up and I feel amazing, I have so much more energy. Thank you."

If you would like to participate in the Fungal Fight for a cleaner, healthier digestive tract, improved energy and overall wellbeing please contact Judith with your interest at:

The next Fungal Fight is scheduled to begin September 14th, 2019 - what are you waiting for? Sign up now!