Metabolic Typing®

One Man’s Food is Another Man’s Poison!
  • After a so called healthy meal, do you feel bloated yet hungry at the same time?
  • Do you have food cravings such as sweets or dairy?
  • Do your meals leave you feeling un-satisfied?
  • Are you frustrated that you can’t lose weight on the same diet as your friend whereas they seem to be easily dropping the pounds?
  • Are you confused with today’s contradictory diet advice? 

One man’s food is another man’s poison…


Based on years of research it has come to light that our ancestral heritage plays a huge part in deciding what foods are right for us.

There is no one diet fits all. What foods satisfy and keep one person vibrant and healthy may make another lethargic, overweight and sick.


But how do we know which foods are right for us?


Metabolic Typing® is a system which analyzes physical, psychological and diet related traits of an individual to better understand their right food choices.


Through in-depth on-line questionnaires the Metabolic Typing assessment analyzes four Fundamental Homeostatic controls:

·         Autonomic Nervous System

·         Oxidative System

·         Endocrine System

·         Blood Type


Once analyzed the client is provided with a detailed metabolic typing report which includes a diet based on their current dietary requirements.


With guidance from a Metabolic Typing Advisor the client is brought into nutritional balance.


Gone are the sugar cravings, the mid afternoon lethargy and the abdominal bloat. Weight loss becomes a natural process, immune function is improved and mental clarity becomes the norm.


Metabolic Typing® provides foundational health by using nutrition as medicine to heal from within.


For more information contact your local Advanced Metabolic Typing Advisor:

Judith Marsden at:

“Each of us today carries the genes of our ancestors and the genetic predisposition to thrive on certain foods and decline on other foods. The secret of the right diet for each person depends not on whim, fancy or philosophy but is irrefutably dictated by our genes. Eating right for your metabolic type should be the foundation of any quest for good health” - William Wolcott