Tuning Fork Sound Therapy

Anyone familiar with tuning forks may be inclined to think of them as something used to tune up a musical instrument.

Yet there is another type of tuning fork, one designed to tune up the human body.

And just like tuning a piano to perfect pitch, tuning fork sound therapy can tune your body for optimal physical balance.

Science has proven that everything in the universe is made of energy vibrating at different frequencies.

Even the organs, glands, and cells in our bodies vibrate at their own specific frequency.

And when in perfect health all parts of our body will play the right note at the correct tempo, and will vibrate in harmony.

But stress, negative emotions, negative thoughts, even the foods we eat can affect the flow of our energy, which is likely to cause energy blockages.

If energy is blocked then the body will no longer resonate at the correct frequency or at the right tempo and will essentially be out of harmony.

When out of harmony the body is more likely to develop symptoms of mal-health.

However, the powerful sound vibrations of tuning forks can be used to clear these blockages thus healing and re-balancing our bodies.

A tuning fork treatment is non-intrusive; there is no touching, no needles, no pain or manipulation involved.

Instead think of time spent relaxing as sounds flow through your body, every cell pulsating, resonating and interacting with powerful vibrations, thus awakening your life energy and returning you to health and harmony.

For more information about tuning fork sound therapy or to book an appointment please contact: ju@transact.bm